Indigo Blue
Burt Books
Peter Watson
Avenue House

Indigo Blue CD artwork

Indigo Blue are an Acoustic / Pop / Rock band based in Doncaster. Fused worked with them on producing a visually striking album artwork.

Burt Books

A school and home tutor resource site for children with dyslexia.


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Peter Watson Paintings

Peter Watson produces spectacular landscapes of the Yorkshire Wolds and Yorkshire Moors in vivid vibrant colours and striking patterns produced by agricultural machinery and intense farming methods.

The website needed to reflect the nature of his work.


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Avenue House Holiday Flats

Fused was approached to create branded websites for two separate holiday properties in Scarborough with links between the two. We came up with a striking design and continued the theme for the two sites and customers who visit the sites will immediately tell that they are the same owners.


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Boyes Celebrity Concert

Local store Boyes sponsor a celebrity concert every year. Fused was approached to create a striking poster for the one featuring Dennis Rollins.


We also produced the programme for the event.

fused design 2016