Branding We have designed logos for numerous companies and carried that through to the rest of their promotional material. See what we can do for you..... Design for print Fused can supply a full range of Graphic Design solutions including: Advertising, Artwork, Branding, Copywriting, Photography, Corporate Identity & Packaging. Printing Booklets, Brochures, Folders, Menus, Posters etc. Please call 01723 377755 for a competitive quote.
Web Design / Ecommerce

Can people find you online? If they can, what impression do they get when they do?


There are billions of web pages on the world wide web, so not only does your web presence need to be locatable, it also needs to paint the right picture of your organisation. If it doesn't, there are plenty of other web pages out there to try!


At fused design we have what it takes to get your organisation firmly established online. Our designers know what is good design and know how to design for the internet. Experienced programmers can ensure your site is engineered for maximum performance, optimized for search engines and available to the maximum possible audience.


From £300

The advent of e-commerce changed a lot of the rules of business.


Now a small business can have global reach and sell around the world, minimising its overheads at the same time. The rules didn't all change though. Having an e-commerce site opens you up for global business but does not on it's own guarantee success


At fused design, we strip away the hype and the jargon. We work with you to identify your unique needs and custom develop your system to give potential customers the message you want them to receive. Our programmers know about the importance of security and how to build a system that can grow in the future and is optimized for search engines. Why not see what we can do for your business?


From £595

Web Hosting: When you have a site, you need to host it on a server on the internet so it can be accessed by the world. Our hosting servers have high availability, are backed up daily and are feature rich.

From £50 / year


Domain Registration: A domain name, such as, needs to be registered for your use before you can associate it with your web site. We can register domain names on your behalf and we register them in your name so there are no ownership problems in the future!

From £20 for two years


Script Installation: Purchased a script to use on your web site, but unsure how to install it? Maybe you need modifications? Get the help of our experienced web programmers!


£30ph flat rate

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